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Meet Jae Davis

Jae Davis is a force to be recognized in the promotional marketing world. As a life and business coach, Jae guides young professionals in building their own brand and creating financial independence. As a corporate advisor to Fortune 100-500 companies, Jae brings an innovative approach to more effective sales promotions and proven tools to increase their overall marketing performance, while connecting them to a network of reliable industry professionals.

Thanks to her wide experience in the field and relatable personality, Jae has earned the credibility to become the trusted guide to navigating the new and challenging economic environment we now have to evolve within. 


Major brands like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Lincoln Motor Co., LG, Google and Marriott have hired Jae to expand their reach and grow awareness of their products.  As a true visionary who genuinely cares about making a positive impact in her community and in the world at large, Jae is dedicated to execute lead generation marketing campaigns that build networks of loyal customers.


Her goal is to create a movement that changes people’s lives, energizing personal and business brands, one that uncovers the essence of what people are, believe in and strive for. Leading by example, Jae is the proof that anything is possible when one has the right mindset and the proper change-generating tools.

My Professional Career

I began my event marketing career at the entry level position as a brand ambassador. I have learned and experienced every event situation imaginable, which propelled me to write my first book You Do What? My book is not a tell all drama filled book. It is the “GO TO” resource and the first of its kind to provide individuals with a solid basis and navigation through the Experiential Marketing industry from a brand ambassador to a management level.

Jae in Action

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“Jae is an industry pioneer and leader. She is at the forefront of the experiential marketing field. She cares about this industry and the people involved in it and it shows.”
Martin Guarderas
AT&T Market Manager