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About Jae | Jae Davis Media

About Jae Davis

Prior to joining the Experiential Marketing industry, 5’11” Jae Davis was a model and a Division-I athlete. After graduating from Troy University with her undergraduate degree in finance and management, Jae continued her education and obtained an MBA in business management.

After college, Jae realized that the typical American dream was not her dream. Her weekend side-hustle working as a  Brand Ambassador for companies like Coca-Cola, and Chevy quickly became her passion and a full-time pursuit. Jae applied the skills she learned at trade events to create her own personal brand and to move up the ranks from brand ambassador to product specialist to event manager, and national tour manager. As a  best selling author, and industry expert, Jae has established herself as a pioneer, and consultant in the Experiential Marketing.

Jae has executed hundreds of events, including: guerilla, automotive, health and beauty, music, wine and spirits, food, lifestyle, street team, as well as traveled through 49 states and 25 countries. Working in this non-traditional avenue of marketing has allowed Jae to obtain financial and personal freedom all while creating memorable consumer experiences. 

My Professional Career

I began my event marketing career at the entry level position as a brand ambassador. I have learned and experienced every event situation imaginable, which propelled me to write my first book You Do What? My book is not a tell all drama filled book. It is the “GO TO” resource and the first of it’s kind to provide individuals with a solid basis and navigation through the Experiential Marketing industry from a brand ambassador to a management level. Vetted industry professionals will be able to relate to the topics covered, and emerging Experiential Marketing Professionals (EXP’s) will have a point of reference when looking to advance into different facets of the industry.

Jae Davis tours the country representing Fortune 500 brands. Jae is a leader, influencer, and educator in the industry of Experiential Marketing, also known as engagement or event marketing. The aim of an Experiential Marketing Professional (EXP)  is to deliver an immersive and personal experience to consumers at various consumer driven events.

You Do What?, Jae’s no-nonsense career guide, offers readers step-by-step instructions on how to join this fast-growing but often misunderstood field. Expect a whirlwind tour of her exciting (and sometimes crazy) career path and a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to execute events for some of the top brands, and join the ranks of Experiential Marketing Professionals.

I was the tallest person in my elementary school but I embrace it!

I remained the only sibling for three years and was picked on in elementary school for my height; even called Big Bird. I didn’t allow my height to discourage me and received a basketball scholarship, graduated in three years from Saint Louis University with a degree in finance and management. I decided to use my last year of eligibility to work towards my MBA and graduated two years later.

Corporate America was not for me

After working in corporate America I realized societies version of the American Dream was not for me. I began working in the Experiential Marketing industry as a brand ambassador part time; learned how to advance at every position, and would routinely work three to four events in a day. This is where all my experiences for my first book You Do What? Derives from. Since then, I have been able to brand myself as a Experiential Marketing expert and create a reputable name in the industry. I have obtained my CDL-A license, made lifelong connections, and traveled worldwide, executing programs for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.

I found love as a Experiential Marketing Professional

While working an event in 2011 as a brand ambassador, I met my husband. We were both working as brand ambassadors and started off as industry friends. To be honest I wasn’t into him initially, but fate brought us together. The rest is history and now work as a tour team executing events nationwide for some our favorite brands.

Managing has always been in me

I am the oldest of three girls, so I learned at an early age to take care of others and lead by example. I thrive as a leader and love the challenges that come with the unexpected during events.I am a tomboy and advent sports fan who prefers tennis shoes over heels anyday!

My biggest accomplishment is not monetary

As a brand ambassador in 2011, I worked for Be a Match an organization which assists in finding bone marrow donors for cancer patients. While signing people up to become potential donors, I decided to enter my name into the database of registrants. In 2017, I had the honor of saving a life by becoming a bone marrow donor for a young boy. You never know what brands, events, or companies you will be apart of which could be life changing. Everyday we wake up is a blessing and saving a life was truly a honor for me.

Sports is my middle name

Prior to joining the Experiential Marketing industry, I was a high school basketball player and received a Division I basketball scholarship to Saint Louis University in Missouri. I am an advocate sports fan and know more about male and female athletes than the average fan. I even had dreams of working as a female broadcaster on ESPN. Hey! It’s never too late.

I will always consider Miami home

Although I reside in Atlanta, GA my hometown of Miami taught me so much about culture, society, and the importance of warm weather year round. I plan to continue writing books which educate individuals on the Experiential Marketing industry. Watching sports, investing, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family are some of my favorite hobbies. A beach home is also on the bucket list!