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Part 1: Three Things to Avoid as an EXP

I have often heard from vetted EXPs about their journey from brand ambassador to tour manager or even to account manager. Every story is filled with success, failure, and situations that many wish they had handled differently. Those learning experiences...

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Preparing for Tour Life

  Any vetted EXP will attest that life on the road as a tour manager or tour staff member is completely different from executing events in-market. For one, stability is nonexistent. A willingness and ability to adapt to changes on the fly become second...

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Kill Any Interview as an EXP with These Questions

  Top 5 Instead of providing you with a "list of tips" to kill any interview, I wanted to switch it up a bit and provide you with an "interview question cheat sheet". Over the years, these are a few of the Top 5 Questions I have been asked when...

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