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Can You Retire from Experiential Marketing?

Jae Davis Experiential Marketing RetirementWhat career path can an EXP pursue if executing an event full-time is no longer appealing? How can an EXP still have the flexibility to execute events without the constant travel and constantly changing demands which come with “tour life”? I have been asked by many EXPs about transitioning out of the Experiential Marketing industry. In this blog, I wanted to provide you with a few options to consider and a few agencies which hire EXPs for opportunities. Feel free to check out my YouTube video below as well.

Option 1: Be in but not in.

Working as a full-time EXP on tour for multiple years allows one to gain various skills. These skills, when partnered with the right Experiential Marketing agency, are seen as assets and will be a huge benefit. Thus, if you’re an EXP looking to transition from tour life, consider taking on an account or staffing manager opportunity. These positions allow you to be involved in the day-to-day operations of an event without having to execute it. Instead, you will be able to manage and oversee a program and will work closely with the tour or in-market managers assigned to the program. Working in this capacity may also provide you with the flexibility to work from home. It may also allow you to travel to events to meet with the client and serve as a liaison should any issues arise. Many EXPs transition into this role because of the flexibility as well as the potential benefits.

Option 2: Start your own agency.

You have seen and experienced the good, bad and ugly within the Experiential Marketing industry and through your experiences you want to create a agency that addresses these concerns. This is a common train of thought and is the basis on which many Experiential Marketing and Staffing agencies have been founded. Solving any of the common problems within the Experiential Marketing industry takes time and the ability to effectively build relationships and network. Starting an agency is a great option, but one must first weigh the pros and cons, as well as create a niche which separates your agency from all the others. With more agencies popping up daily, the level of competition is continuously increasing. However, as an EXP, if you choose to take this route then marketing, as well as creating credibility, will be key. Research the best agencies and see what successful tactics they have implemented and poll fellow EXPs to get a reading on the industry’s pulse!

Option 3: Pursue a different career path.

Whether it‘s starting your own business, going back to school, or working in a desired career field, if that dream still exists, pursue it! It’s never too late to dream a new dream, and as a current EXP I want to encourage you to do what makes you happy. As a result of working in a management capacity, many EXPs have learned or sharpened skills such as dealing with rejection, effectively engaging with consumers, and time management. Thus, EXPs are able to apply these skills to nurturing and pursuing personal goals as well as in business. Take some time, write down your goals and have a plan of action.

Pursuing an Experiential Marketing career is not for everyone. Therefore, as an EXP, it is important to determine what your goals are beforehand. Whether it is to pay off debt, save to start a business, create an additional stream of income, or make this a career, I personally think you have to ensure you weigh all options and determine what your plan of action will be. Do your research and ensure you make the best decision for you!

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