Should I Date and Marry an EXP? (with Video!) | Jae Davis Media
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Should I Date and Marry an EXP? (with Video!)

Tour Couples Experiential Marketing

I did! 

Couples can have an advantage in the field of Experiential Marketing. This is especially true for touring EXPs, as it is for many careers that involve travel. There are many reasons for this; a few include shift driving, management responsibilities can be shared between the couple, and traveling with a spouse can alleviate the loneliness of touring full-time.

My husband, Terrio, and I met as brand ambassadors in 2011, working an event in Atlanta. Ever since then, we have climbed the EXP ladder together. Granted, we were already seasoned EXPs when we met. Terrio was working events part-time while still serving as an Atlanta police officer. I was pursuing a modeling career. Our story is no fairy tale. Instead, it includes patience, hard work, and has evolved over time.

Dating as EXPs

Dating as EXPs, we were able to obtain opportunities and execute events at entry-level positions, but procuring management and even tour–level positions required stability and a great team skill set. We decided to obtain our CDL-A’s to give us a competitive advantage when seeking tour opportunities, and getting married in 2013 solidified us as a steady tour team.

As a result, we were able to obtain consistent management tour opportunities and establish ourselves within the Experiential Marketing industry. Has it been easy? Nope.

The Challenges and the Love

The hardest part for us is understanding when to separate work from our personal life to find balance. Our ambition, attention to detail, and desire to execute successful programs and motivate our teams in a professional way are what drive us.

Working together on tour gives us opportunities to travel and see the country together while earning a large income. I’m a thrill seeker, and each tour usually involves something spontaneous. We’ve been a part of some great events and programs and are evolving as a touring couple constantly.

One piece of advice we always like to give couples is to never bring your personal issues to work. It can affect both team morale and the consumer experience. Our drive to succeed and build a sustainable life outside of being EXPs keeps us motivated and grounded as a married couple. Learning how to compromise and find a happy medium while enjoying each other is key!

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