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Email Etiquette (Part 2)

A few weeks ago I provided you with part one of the email etiquette tips to keep in mind and today we are wrapping up with my last set of tips to ensure you maintain consistent opportunities as a EXP!

Create a professional email address.

I stress the importance of this in my book You Do What? If you are going to, or plan to, execute events full time as an Experiential Marketing Professional (EXP), setting up a separate email address that is professional and that makes it easy to locate when shifting through various email submissions for an opportunity is important. A prime example of this is:


These are just two simple email addresses that you can create and use when you are applying for any Experiential Marketing-related events. is not appropriate. Neither are your favorite hobbies. Keep the email address simple and to the point. Do not become a topic of conversation for account and staffing managers.

Applying for two.

Whether it is a team opportunity or one in which you want to refer an EXP for executing a program alongside you or in a separate city—make sure to provide all of the relevant contact information to the account or staffing manager. If you are a couple or a team which executes events together frequently, it may be best to consider submitting a joint resume as well as event photos. On the other hand, if you are referring someone for a potential opportunity, be sure to include a brief backstory for the account manager concerning your experience working with them and why they would be a great fit for a potential opportunity.

Maintaining a high level of Professionalism and being Presentable and Personable are key elements to succeeding as an Experiential Marketing professional (EXP). While it may seem easy, many EXPs negate the importance of implementing my three Ps above when submitting for potential opportunities. They are therefore unable to maintain a career as an EXP. An email is the first introduction many account and staffing managers have to you, and it is important to keep the tips above in mind when submitting for any opportunity. Remember, you are a brand within a brand “BWAB,” so represent yourself accordingly. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Don’t blow it!

 I have created a FREE downloadable checklist for you to implement!

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