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EXP Roles and Responsibilities

Jae Davis EXP Tour Responsibilites

There are various roles one can choose to pursue when executing events in the Experiential Marketing industry. I elaborate on all of the roles in You Do What? However, today I want to discuss the roles and responsibilities for the most common roles which EXP’s pursue. Don’t forget you can WATCH my YouTube video on this subject below!

Brand Ambassador

Also known as a “BA” If one is starting a career as an EXP, working as a brand ambassador is a good first step. A brand ambassador is a temporary or contracted employee for Experiential Marketing and staffing agencies. These individuals are hired to promote and educate consumers on brands, services, and products. To become a brand ambassador, one must apply for event opportunities with various Experiential Marketing and staffing agencies. As a brand ambassador, one is compensated at an hourly or daily rate. In the Experiential Marketing industry, most people start out as brand ambassadors and work their way up to team lead, product specialist, and in-market, production, or tour managers. Be sure to read You Do What?  Demo representatives also fall within this category. For a list of deciding factors to determine whether a career as a “BA” should be sought.

Product Specialist

As a product specialist, one’s sole responsibility is to become an expert on a particular brand or product. For example, an in-market automotive product specialist is also referred to as a personal driver instructor or right-seat driver. Automotive product specialists are hired by an agency and are thoroughly trained on the client’s product, every spec, both interior and exterior of a vehicle, and from there, they convey the same information to a consumer at various events. Some events include festivals, malls, sporting events, auto shows, and corporate business offices. An EXP can also serve as a product specialist for health and beauty, technology, as well as service-based brands. The job as a product specialist can become a career if one has the look, personality, enthusiasm, and ability to clearly articulate product knowledge.

Tour Manager

This is the position everyone wants, and aspires to obtain, but may not be aware of what’s ALL required to succeed and receive consistent opportunities. A tour is based on the same premise as a concert or music tour featuring one’s favorite artist. Tours can be nationwide or locally based where one resides. As a tour staff member, general responsibilities include traveling for extended periods of time, assisting with the setup and breakdown of the event on a daily basis, promoting a product or service to consumers, and traveling to the next event. Tours can last anywhere from four weeks to a year and can involve a team of one to ten people, depending on the budget and type of program. As a tour staff member, always be willing and able to quickly adjust to changes. CDL-A tour managers also fall under this category as well as assistant tour managers.

Serving as an emcee, mascot, account manager, or staffing coordinator are also various roles to pursue as an EXP. When beginning in the industry, I had no rubric or guide to teach me about the various avenues or ways to advance as an EXP. It can be learned from trial and error as well as networking. Roles and responsibilities may change based on the agency as well as event ramifications, however, the four positions above are the basis for beginning a career in Experiential Marketing.


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