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Whether we realize it or not, we all have engaged in some form of Experiential Marketing. With companies seeing the benefit of incorporating innovative and engaging ways to interact with consumers, Experiential Marketing affords the opportunity to build brand awareness and loyalty among consumers, but what does the term mean?

Also referred to as engagement marketing, Experiential Marketing campaigns give consumers the opportunity to experience brands in a unique and tangible way. This is all done in an effort to build brand loyalty, and awareness, and increase sales.

After 10 years of executing events, I realized there was no direct source to assist individuals in learning about the industry and how to progress. Instead, there was a six-page list of companies to sign up with and navigate through. And this is where the inspiration for my book, “You Do What?” was born. So let’s take a quick look at how an idea goes from concept to execution.

A Fortune 500 brand or small business wants to change it up.

Also known as the client, this is where companies will enlist the assistance of an Experiential Marketing agency and ask them to submit an RFP (Request for Proposal) or RFQ (Request for Quote) detailing an initial design concept for a program in addition to the advantages of hiring the particular agency.

An Experiential Marketing agency is awarded the opportunity.

This can occur a week or more before the projected tour, or event. The length and dates are subject to change, and during this time, the agency works closely with the client and to bring an initial concept to creation, and execution.

Calling all EXPs

Whether a tour or event calls for a team of people or one individual, the Experiential Marketing agency will work (or hire a staffing agency) to present the most qualified candidates to the client for the proposed opportunity. This is the time when job opportunities increase and the ability to work as an EXP can present consistent opportunities.

A team or EXP is chosen.

After interviews and feedback from the client, the Experiential Marketing or staffing agency will then work with the client to choose the best individual(s), and from there the execution of an event will begin. Experiential marketing programs can range anywhere from one day to one year; it just depends on the brand and goal. The EXP(s) will be given roles and responsibilities and are expected to assist in ensuring the overall program or event is a success.

The EXP(s) executes the events as proposed.

The EXP(s) executes the events as proposed, and works with the account coordinator to provide consumer feedback as well as suggest changes for future events. At this point, there will also be an opportunity for the client to assess if a program met all of the initial goals/expectations and proved to be a success. This is all subjective and can be based on the number of consumers, costs, feedback, engagement, awareness, and the number of converted, brand-loyal consumers.

Experiential Marketing has allowed brands to engage with consumers in ways that create memorable experiences. Working as an EXP in the Experiential Marketing field has afforded me opportunities to travel, meet new people, and have fun executing various types of events. What may seem like a simple process above takes time, hard work, and the efforts of many dedicated individuals.

Over 10 years ago, I answered a Craigslist ad for “beautiful girls” to work an automotive event. I took the job and never looked back. After three years of executing events, I realized there was no direct source to assist individuals in learning about the Experiential Marketing industry and how to progress. This is where the inspiration for my book “You Do What?” was born. Watch the video above to get an insider’s look at how an idea goes from concept to execution.

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About Jae Davis

Prior to joining the experiential marketing industry, 5’11” Jae Davis was a model and a Division-I athlete. After graduating from Troy University with her undergraduate degree in finance and management, Jae continued her education and obtained an MBA in business management.

After college, Jae realized that the typical American dream was not her dream. Her weekend side hustle as a Brand Ambassador for companies like Ferrari quickly became her passion and a full-time pursuit. Jae applied the skills she learned at trade events to create her own personal brand and to move up the ranks from brand ambassador to a product specialist to national tour manager and now to author, industry expert, and experiential marketing consultant.

Jae has executed hundreds of events, traveled through 49 states and 25 countries, and has realized financial and personal freedom through the world of Experiential Marketing.