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Having an Attitude of Gratitude This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving approaching, as EXPs, we are in hustle-mode to book our holiday programs and to work every possible event before the slow season arrives. In our busyness, we can forget to take time to appreciate how far we’ve come.

Jae Davis Holiday EXPIn previous years, I have been guilty of working myself to the point of exhaustion to capitalize on last-minute earnings to sustain me through the slow months ahead. Three years ago, while working multiple events, I realized that working myself crazy only made me count down the days to when the holiday season would be over.

I wasn’t enjoying the work; I was only doing it to make money. Yes, I accomplished my goal of financial security for low-season, but the holidays are supposed to be a time of gratitude, fun, and spending time with family. I wasn’t experiencing any of that.

We may be tempted to compare our behavior to what society dictates as the proper holiday spirit, but we must find our own authentic ways to express gratitude and fellowship. Here are a few ways I have found to embody gratitude and enjoy the holidays in the weeks ahead.

Saying Thank You Goes a Long Way

I remember as a kid one of the first life lessons my mom taught me was the importance of saying please and thank you. What may seem like a small gesture, acknowledging a kind or thoughtful act, still goes a long way in society.

When working an event, take the time to thank consumers for taking part in an in-store demo or participating in a survey. Likewise, thank someone who offers a simple act of service to you, for example, holding the door, returning a lost item, or letting you merge on the highway.

Take Time to Volunteer

Whether you are donating the gift of time or money, you can help out in meaningful ways – get involved at a local shelter or support a cause that you connect with. Doing this will foster an immediate sense of gratitude in everyone involved. For me, volunteering creates a sense of wholeness because I am able to give back. Gather up family, or even a group of EXPs, and volunteer for a cause.

Take Time for Personal Reflection

For some, this time of the year is not a happy one. Emotional and financial stress leads to depression for many. During this time, it is important to reflect on how far you have come and what you have to be thankful for. This can get confused with material gain, but it is important to be grateful for small things:

  • A place to sleep
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Health

Jae Davis Experiential MarketingWhile these things may seem simple, the right mindset and meeting our basic needs plays a pivotal role in our ability to execute events and enjoy the holiday season. As I like to say, any day that you are able to wake up with a roof over your head and food to eat is a day you should appreciate. So what if you didn’t land that long-term program or job opportunity, relish in the fact that you are still here and have what you need to sustain yourself. It may not always be easy, but you are here to appreciate the gift of life!

My dear EXP friends and family, I am grateful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving,
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