How to Create a Winning Resume

To create consistent opportunities as an EXP!

Presented by Jae Davis
Wednesday, November 7th
7 p.m. Eastern

Are you:

1) Looking to begin a career as an EXP and need assistance with your resume?
2) Currently working as an EXP but want to obtain consistent opportunities?
3) Have experience as an EXP and want to progress to executing tours?

In this comprehensive webinar, you will learn how to create a winning resume to land consistent opportunities as an EXP! This is the training you have been looking for.

You will learn how to:

1) Brand and position yourself as a qualified EXP and stand out among the masses
2) Create and evolve your resume to reflect your experience
3) Turn your hustle into a full-time career

This presentation will be Live on Facebook.

Following the presentation, Jae will answer questions in a live Q&A session.

Level-up your resumes and evolve your personal brand to earn $30,000 to $60,000 a year on your own terms and as your own boss!