How to Determine Compensation as a Brand Ambassador? | Jae Davis Media
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How to Determine Compensation as a Brand Ambassador?

Jae Davis Experiential Marketing Compensation

Brand Ambassador

The question around creating financial stability and supplementing income is one that comes up often as a brand ambassador. Now let’s be clear, when I use the term brand ambassador, I am referring to someone who executes events in the Experiential Marketing industry. With the industry growing, and brands realizing the benefits of Experiential Marketing, individuals are entering the industry for various reasons. So I wanted to tackle this question of income and the potential earnings you can make as a brand ambassador. In order to answer this question, I looked at these three factors:

Job Compensation 

Brand Ambassador jobs tend to range from $15-25/hr. Now, the average is usually $18-$20/hr. However, this is all dependent on the roles, responsibilities, and hours. While more companies are entering the Experiential Marketing realm, there has also been an increase in jobs paying less than $15/hr. While many seasoned EXPs frown upon these opportunities and do not apply, many new EXPs, who are just entering the industry, see these jobs as opportunities to build a resume and rapport with account managers and agencies. 

Amount of Hours Worked

Ensuring that you are aware of the amount of hours you will spend executing an event is also important. Most events range from 2 – 12 hours. The longer events will also include mandatory breaks which should be given by your team lead or manager. Understanding the amount of hours you will be working will ensure you are equipped to complete the activation.

Do the Math 

When you are applying for opportunities, it is important to read the post carefully. Each job opportunity should answer the question of compensation, responsibilities, number of event hours, and how you will be paid (1099 or w-2 employee). Having these key pieces of information will allow you to make an educated decision as to whether or not executing an event makes sense, financially. I started out part-time as a brand ambassador, earning $300 – $500 a week as supplemental income. As I gained more experience and got more comfortable, the income and jobs began to increase. However, it wasn’t until I began obtaining more management opportunities that I was able to quit my 9 to 5 and work as a EXP full time. Smart money management skills are required. 

So let’s do the math; if you are working part-time as a Brand ambassador executing 15 hours a week at $18/hr, you can expect to make $270 a week, $1,080 a month. This is just the minimum, but there is potential to earn much more. If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense. That saying is also relevant in the Experiential Marketing industry. Deciding to jump into the industry full-time was a transition. As a Brand Ambassador, the challenges I faced at the entry level as a brand ambassador were ones that taught me the art of negotiation and knowing my worth. Be sure to grab a copy of my book You Do What? And subscribe to my YouTube Channel for additional resources to assist you on your journey.