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How to Pick a Tour Partner

Jae Davis Experiential Marketing Tour Partner

As a EXP, picking a tour partner can be a challenge. Whether you are being paired with this individual by the agency, or you have previously worked with this individual, how do you ensure you pick a tour partner that embodies everything you will bring to a tour? More importantly, how do you identify a bad tour partner? Well, I break it all down here, and provide you with a FREE list down below you can use to assist you in identifying characteristics of a bad tour partner.

The Positive Signs to Look For

1. Make sure they have a great work ethic.

  • Ability to stay on task
  • Arrive on time
  • Professional and dependable
  • Reliable

2. Someone who is well-versed, and has experience managing and executing tours or serving in a management role. If you do not have tour experience, then picking a partner who does is important because they will teach you how to successfully execute a tour and equip you with all the tools you need. 

  • Willingness to adapt
  • Doesn’t mind assisting with setup and breakdown
  • Will step in and fulfill roles as needed
  • Not afraid to engage with all types of consumers

The Negative Signs to Avoid

 3. Someone who has any addictions or mental illnesses.

  • Suffering from drug or alcohol abuse
  • Unwilling to get help and believes that being on tour is the answer to solving their issues
  • Engages in acts which would be deemed as sexual harassment/assault
  • Thinks that they are above the law and can continue to engage in unprofessional acts

Still having trouble picking the best tour partner? Well, I have compiled a list for you to use when choosing the best tour partner. If you are considering executing a tour with someone who possesses any of the characteristics above or on this FREE DOWNLOAD below… then you should think twice as it could present unnecessary stress. 

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