How to Solidify Event Opportunities This Holiday Season - Jae Davis Media
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As we get ready to end another year and prepare for a new one, racking in as much as you can to prepare for the slow months ahead is the top priority for many EXPs. Brands also see the holidays as a way to capitalize on the consumer dollar in various ways, one of which is the execution of Experiential events. Here’s a quick list of the top jobs in demand and the ways in which you can solidify an opportunity this holiday season. 

Product Specialist

Product Specialists are required to learn the specifics about a product or brand and must possess the ability to articulate this information to consumers in a clear and concise way. Events requiring Product Specialists occur at retail outlets, festivals, malls, and automotive events and can involve the launch of a new vehicle, electronic, gaming system or beauty brand, to name a few. While it may seem simple in nature, a product specialist has to become an expert on a particular product and work with any retail outlets to increase sales. Oftentimes, brands require training prior to the  execution of the event and may have a certain demographic they are looking to target. 

Some of the requirements include

  • Ability to learn and retain a large amount of information
  • Ability to convey information in a personal way to consumers
  • Ability to accept rejection and constructive criticism
  • Must become a brand advocate and maintain a clean professional look
  • Must be comfortable working in retail outlets with high consumer foot traffic

In-Store Demo Representative & Promotional Model 

Demo representatives will have to learn the specifics about a product or service. Promotional models, on the other hand, are hired to educate consumers on the benefits of a particular wine and spirits brand. While both jobs may require a mix of both genders, females are usually sought for the promotional model opportunities. Product demos typically happen at grocery retailers and outlets, while wine and spirits events occur at bars, night clubs, and state approved beverage stores. Lasting anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, these events require you to educate consumers on a particular food, beverage, or device, as well as provide samples. 

While different in nature, these types of events may require EXPs to complete event recaps and provide feedback during an event. Many products are launched solely during the holiday season with the hopes of making a splash to boost overall sales throughout the year. So EXPs use the holidays as a way to maximize their earnings. Reach out and connect with a few new staffing agencies and even a few account managers who you haven’t heard from in a while. Oftentimes, programs are approved at the last minute, so this could be your opportunity to build a greater rapport and maintain consistent opportunities. 

Need Additional Resources?

No worries, I’ve got you covered below with my FREE list of agencies to sign up with this holiday season. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel (The Jae Davis Experience) and watch past videos for resume tips and insights from other industry professionals. Also, if you haven’t joined my Facebook group EXP Elite what are you waiting for? I not only provide additional resources but also post job opportunities for EXP’s to take advantage of throughout the year. Without further ado, here is a quick list of the agencies to sign up with for holiday programs today! 

1. Mosaic:

2. GMR Marketing:

3. Productions Plus: https://www. 

4. Big Orange Productions:

5. Havas Street: