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InCast Marketing Pop-up Interview

What does it mean to create multiple streams of income?

How can an experiential marketing professional or gig worker get through the next few months?

What inspired Destiny McKnight to form InCast Marketing?

How will her agency evolve now that the future of experiential marketing will change?

Destiny and talent coordinator Melissa Tuscano joined me as we answered these questions and so many more! What I enjoyed most about this interview was the complete transparency from Destiny and Melissa. As an experiential marketing professional, it is rare that you are able to speak to an agency owner directly and hear their story. Destiny and Melissa detailed the hiring process and why EXPs should value the small details that go into succeeding in the experiential marketing industry.

I could go on and on, but I have included the video below so that you can watch it yourself. Please take a few minutes and let me know in the comments what you enjoyed about the interview…or, if you would just like to thank Destiny and Melissa, feel free to let them know as well!

EXP’s continue to stay positive, self-reflect, and connect with the ones that matter. Be safe and I appreciate you!

Your EXP coach, Jae Davis


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