Part 1: Three Things to Avoid as an EXP - Jae Davis Media
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Part 1: Three Things to Avoid as an EXP

Things to Avoid as an EXP Jae DavisI have often heard from vetted EXPs about their journey from brand ambassador to tour manager or even to account manager. Every story is filled with success, failure, and situations that many wish they had handled differently. Those learning experiences will always remind us of how the Experiential Marketing industry is constantly changing. Adaptation is key. Today, I want to provide you with a few tips to keep in mind as an EXP.

Leave Your Drama at Home, Please!

As an EXP, you are there to represent and be the face of a brand. This doesn’t include what someone said about you, how your mate is treating you, why you were late to an event, why you haven’t eaten, or why you forgot to wear the right uniform. We all have issues which arise daily, some of which are unavoidable, but learning how to separate your personal life from executing events as an EXP is important. While some tour and account managers are understanding, some may not be as forgiving and have zero tolerance for excuses.

The Entitlement Mentality

What’s for you is for “YOU.” Yes, I know you applied for a BA, tour, or product specialist opportunity, and you feel as though you should be awarded the opportunity based on your experience. With more brands entering the industry, there is also an increase in individuals beginning careers as EXPs. With that being said, job opportunities will always arise. I have applied for tour and management opportunities in the past, thinking I nailed it, only to be told the position was given to someone else. However, another opportunity always came along, and was often better than the job I didn’t get.  Sometimes one door will close for another one to open!

Love the tips so far? Well, be sure to tune in next week for my final tip!