Part 1: How To Obtain Tour Opportunities as an Experiential Marketing Professional
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Part 1: How To Obtain Tour Opportunities as an Experiential Marketing Professional

Jae Davis Experiential Marketing Tour Opportunities

Whether it is in the role of a tour staff member, product specialist, or tour manager, we meet so many EXPs who always ask the same question: “What do I need to do to obtain tour opportunities?” While it may seem easy and a piece of cake, life on the road is completely different from working in a brand ambassador or team lead capacity. So what is required, you ask? I have decided to provide you with my top tips to successfully obtain tour opportunities. Be sure to check out this week’s YouTube video as well!

Tour season is upon us and chances are you are executing a tour or may know of an EXP who is on the road working in a touring capacity. But as an EXP looking to advance into a tour position, you may be asking what is required and why you have yet to receive any opportunities. Well, let’s begin with my top two tips.

You do not meet the necessary requirements.

It may be a CDL-A license or D.O.T medical card, or you may need an additional tour partner. Not being able to meet the agency’s stipulations for a program is a reason one may not be chosen for a program. Clients often have the final say when it comes to hiring an EXP to execute a tour and the brand may want a certain demographic or look. If this occurs, don’t take it personally. Instead, build a positive rapport with the account manager, thank them for the opportunity, and request that they keep you in mind for future tours.

Your resume does not reflect your experience.

If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and watch my videos on the importance of resumes as an EXP. I talk about this topic in great detail. Having a resume that sells a hiring manager on your relevant experience and highlights your assets is key. The days of 5-10 page resumes are over.  Keeping it clear and concise, and being creative will set you apart from the pack. Take the time to update all resumes, and event photos. and social media platforms. Creativity is key!

What’s my last tip? Well, stay tuned next week to find out!


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