Part 2: Three Things to Avoid as an EXP - Jae Davis Media
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Part 2: Three Things to Avoid as an EXP

Things to Avoid as an EXP Jae Davis

Alright EXP’s last week I provided you with two tips to avoid developing as an EXP. Well, as promised, my final tip is one of my favorites.

Never Compromise Your Integrity

Regardless of whether another EXP is engaging in inappropriate behavior, never lose sight of your role and responsibility. Be on time, engage with everyone you come in contact with while executing an event in a professional manner, and do not allow the actions of a few EXPs to jeopardize an opportunity that you have worked hard to obtain. If an EXP is engaging in unethical business practices, then speak to the proper account or onsite contacts. Does this make you a snitch? No, but not saying something could cost you and your fellow EXP’s the opportunity to execute another event in the future.

Well there you have it, my top three characteristics to avoid as an EXP. Writing this blog serves as a constant reminder for me as an EXP. It is important for the Experiential Marketing industry to grow in one direction, with everyone working to build a industry that is not only reputable, but professional as well. We are only as good as the next EXP, so avoiding these as well as other factors will assist in the continued growth for both new and vetted Experiential Marketing professionals. “If you don’t stand for something, then you will fall for anything.”


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