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Preparing for Tour Life

Preparing for Tour EXP Jae Davis

Any vetted EXP will attest that life on the road as a tour manager or tour staff member is completely different from executing events in-market. For one, stability is nonexistent. A willingness and ability to adapt to changes on the fly become second nature for the EXPs who are able to adjust. Here’s a quick checklist to help as you prepare to execute a tour.

Ensure That Your Home Is in Order

Clean, do the laundry, and implement cost-saving measures by suspending any utilities or cable that will not be used while you’re gone. Living in a city where close family and friends reside can work in your favor as they can check on your home periodically and collect any mail or notices that may require your attention. It is also important to ensure that you store any vehicles or valuable assets in a safe place before leaving. Pay or make arrangements to pay any debts, and notify trustworthy friends and family of your departure. Executing a tour is an opportunity to make a stable income. Make the proper arrangements prior to leaving to ensure that you do not incur any additional expenses while away. (Many EXPs do not own a home because they spend 9-11 months of the year on tour. If you’re like them, portions of this may not apply.)

Pack for the Unexpected

Bring a raincoat, a light coat, a heavy coat, scarf, gloves, hats, etc. Ensuring that you plan for unforeseen weather changes while on tour is important. I cannot tell you the number of times I forgot one of the items mentioned and had to spend unnecessary money to buy another while on the road. Pack your essentials to execute your event(s) first, and then add all of the extras! I know that for us ladies this can be a tough one, especially on longer tours, but over the years I have learned how to pack light and keep my suitcase practical and easy to transport. Some EXPs even opt for the oversized backpacks that are used on backpacking trips.

Have a Financial Plan and Goals in Place Prior to Leaving

Whether your goal is to pay off any debts, save for a home or trip, or begin a new business venture, setting goals prior to executing a tour is crucial to your success as an EXP. What good is it to execute a tour for months on end if you have little to no money to show for it at the end of the tour? One of the advantages of executing a tour is that it allows you to generate consistent income for a period of time, which will allow you to take strides financially to ensure that any and all goals are being achieved. Use smart money management tools, which I discuss in “You Do What?” And treat yourself in moderation. Having horrible spending habits prior to beginning a tour can result in additional issues developing. Establishing a savings accounts or setting up direct deposits, where a portion goes to an account you can manage but don’t have access to, is a great option to incorporate.

Address Any Health Issues and Have Any Necessary Physicals Prior to Leaving

Whether it be a routine physical, a dentist appointment, or a D.O.T. medical exam, taking the time to perform any and all routine medical exams before going is important.

Deciding to execute a tour takes a shift both mentally and physically. While the pictures and cool videos make “tour life” seem appealing, there’s a lot of planning, hard work, organization, and flexibility required to not only execute a tour but also to sustain oneself for its duration. Good luck on your tour and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to watch videos for tips to implement as a EXP!