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Preparing for Your First Event as a EXP

Exp Event Jae DavisYou applied, interviewed, spoke with the account manager, and were awarded your first event opportunity as an EXP. Congratulations! Obtaining your first event is exciting, but you may be thinking, “Oh shoot, now what?” Yes, preparing to execute your first event as an EXP may present a slight learning curve; however, I have a few tips to keep in mind which will assist to ensure your first event is a success.

Confirm All Event Details

 Confirm all event details at least 24-48 hours prior to the event. Whether it is for a day- or month-long event, as an EXP, it is important to establish open lines of communication with the account or staffing manager who hired you. This will ensure both of you are clear on roles and expectations and will allow you to raise any questions or concerns early. If an account manager is having trouble receiving necessary information (new hire paperwork, any event details, etc.) it could result in fewer opportunities being awarded. Effective communication is a top priority.

Ensure You Have Reviewed All Training Manuals

Ensure you have reviewed all training manuals. If the event requires you to learn brand and product information, then studying and memorizing any (and all) key points is important.  Showing up to an event without taking the time to read and study any necessary information is a big NO! Clients and agencies will often send secret shoppers out to an event, so take the time to memorize key talking points prior.

Be Presentable

Be presentable. What attire does the event require? Is make-up needed? Do you have to wear clothes of a certain color, or a type of tennis shoe?  Ensuring that you are not only presentable but also dressed in the attire the event calls for is important. In addition, do ensure your clothing is not wrinkled, is free from any stains, and does not include any competing brand labels. Remember, you are there to represent yourself and the brand. Adhere to all uniform requirements and ask for clarification if you are unsure.

Be On Time

Be on time. As the saying goes, being on time is late, and being early is on time. A good rule of thumb is to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled event call time. This will ensure you are able to plan for any unforeseen changes and begin the event with a professional impression. Upon arriving, check in with any managers or onsite contacts at the venue to ensure you are accounted for. The onsite or venue contact information is usually provided prior to the event by the account or staffing manager, and may require you to reach out to them directly to confirm your attendance. During this time it is also important to complete any required event training.

Enjoy Your Event and Complete Any Event Recaps

Enjoy your event and complete any event recaps. Have fun! After all, you were hired to execute an event and engage with consumers. Performing the required job duties while educating a consumer on the benefits of a particular brand, product, or service is the fun part. Once the event is complete, you may be required by the account or staffing manager to submit a post-event recap form. This is a form which details your experience and provides any necessary feedback from the consumer in the form of an event recap. This can include: consumer quotes, photos, and a quick event summary. When completing recaps, be sure to use a spell checker and include any valuable insight which could assist in improving the event.

Apply for Future Opportunities

Apply for future opportunities. Building a great rapport with an Experiential Marketing and staffing agency often results in opportunities to execute future events. Therefore, it is important to not only thank the account or staffing manager for the opportunity, but also to apply for future opportunities.

Every event is different. However, your preparation prior to executing each event should only improve and become easier over time. Be sure to download my quick pre-event checklist to help you execute each event smoothly and professionally.

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In this video, I teach you how to get ready for your first experiential marketing event. There’s a lot to think about to make sure the event is a success, so make sure you stay until the end of the video to get all the necessary information to build an amazing experience!