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Quick Tips for Goal Setting as an Experiential Marketing Professional


We are now 21 days into the New Year and I want to know, have you given up on your goals for 2020? Or maybe you haven’t started?  Well, it’s not too late to pick back up or begin! We all hear about the importance of setting goals and creating a vision for the year ahead, but as an Experiential Marketing Professional, how do you do so in an industry that may present inconsistent opportunities at times? As an independent contractor, the goal may be to get through the year, pay your bills, and—if you practice smart money tips—take a vacation. Setting goals may be the last thing on your list, but having a plan is great in an industry that changes frequently, and that is a great place to begin.

To ensure that you can plan for the slow months or maintain consistent opportunities as an EXP, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

Make it clear.

Whether your goal is to supplement income, quit your 9 to 5,  move from a brand ambassador to team lead, or obtain your CDL-A license or tour, write it down. A goal without a plan is just a wish, and if you are not making strides and taking the time to put it on paper and speak it into existence, you will not have the confidence to follow through. 

Create a vision board.

My rule of thumb is to keep your goals attainable. Oftentimes, we see these elaborate vision boards, and we might feel the need to compete or create one that highlights every life goal we have. Narrowing down your goals to maybe three, six, and 12 months, and creating a vision board around that, will ensure that you do not get overwhelmed and discouraged early on.  It is also essential to include memorable pictures or positive reinforcement reminders to keep yourself motivated. 

Strive to progress as an EXP or begin other business ventures.

While I enjoy executing events as an EXP, I also understand the importance of pursuing other passions and goals and educating myself in industries, as well as investment opportunities, that I would like to pursue. 

Set up constant reminders.

Whether it’s creating a list of goals that you read daily, creating sticky notes to put around your home,  or taking a picture of your vision board (or goals) and using it as a screenshot on all of your technology devices, setting up constant reminders is essential to manifesting your vision and goals. 

Hold yourself accountable, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It is also important to connect with other like-minded people who can offer support and motivation during times when you may get discouraged. 

Need some motivation to get started? Here’s a FREE outline to assist you in setting your goals annually.

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