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Resume Tips for Success

EXP experiential marketing resume Jae DavisI provided you with resume tips for success on a previous blog, however, I wanted to update you with a few additional pieces of information to keep in mind when beginning and advancing as an EXP. Consistent opportunities and a solid network of account managers and staffing agencies are what all EXPs want, but creating a resume that highlights YOU in a concise way can be tough. In the resource section of my book You Do What? and website, I have created a list of 15 tips to keep in mind when writing an Experiential Marketing resume. To access the full resource section of my website, CLICK HERE, where you can find multiple helpful downloads. Here, I am going to build on the first five tips to keep in mind and assist in obtaining consistent opportunities.

1. Keep Your Resume Short, and Highlight Relevant Events

After executing pop-up interviews with account managers as well as agency owners, I’ve found they have all expressed one thing: “Keep your resume short and sweet.” Yes, while it may seem best to include all of your experience on your resume, that may hurt your chances of obtaining the opportunity. Instead, keep it no more than two pages and include experience relevant to the event. EX: If it is a Product Specialist opportunity, Product Specialist experience should be included on your resume. Keeping your resume relevant to the position to which you are applying is key. Doing so should also help keep your resume to a manageable page count.

2. Give Yourself Credit

Just because you are new to experiential marketing and may not have extensive experience executing events doesn’t disqualify you from applying for opportunities. When I first began executing events as an EXP, all I had was my customer service resume. So, I had to learn how to highlight the skills I currently had. So, if you are great with people or are professional and have experience working in fast-paced environments, be sure to note it on your resume. Highlight as much customer service, management, and other relevant skills (technology, automotive, sales) that you have obtained from previous positions as possible. Give credit where it’s due!

3. Provide a Social Media Site

No longer are we living in a world where you are not searchable. Don’t believe me? Google your name, and see what comes up. With more individuals beginning careers as EXPs, account managers and staffing coordinators are conducting extensive checks on potential EXPs prior to hiring. I recommend creating a LinkedIn profile. Known as a professional business networking site, LinkedIn will allow you to create a profile that will provide a reputable source for any potential opportunities. It also makes SEO easy, as LinkedIn profiles tend to rank within the first 5 links when someone searches your name. Remember, first impressions are important, so keep those social media profiles and pages professional.

4. List Your Skills at the Top of Your Resume

I have tested this theory numerous times and have found tremendous success by implementing this simple rule. Providing a potential hiring manager with a few of your skills at the top of your resume allows them to hone in on your potential and see what assets you will bring to any event. It can be something as simple as:

-Ability to thrive in a team setting

Small but simple pieces of information that highlight your skills in a short phrase will assist in creating a positive first impression.

5. Numbers Matter

Believe it or not, providing numbers on your resume as an EXP matters. Whether it’s the number of consumers you engaged with, the number of events you executed, or the number of sales you accumulated, including numbers on your resume is important. I have seen a direct increase in response rates by incorporating this principle. So how do you do so? Some examples include:

Engaged with over 100 consumers on the product’s benefits

  • Successfully registered over 75 consumers in a 2-hour period
  • Assisted in client retention for an additional 6 months
  • Sold (x amount) of devices during event

Including numbers will provide a potential manager with something quantitative to reference and has assisted me in obtaining consistent opportunities.

6. Spell Check & Triple Check for Grammar

I wanted to include this tip again, because it is important. Whether it is a spelling error or incorrect sentence structure, typos keep your resume from seeming professional. Prior to submitting your resume for any opportunity, take the time to review it to ensure it reads professionally. My rule of thumb is to read it out loud. This will help you catch any errors and ensure the sentences are understandable. Having a professional or someone skilled in English would also help ensure all mistakes are identified prior to submitting. As I stated prior, first impressions matter, and if your resume is filled with grammatical errors, then it could cause an account manager to question your ability to accurately post event recaps and complete necessary paperwork. Small details matter!

While resumes are still essential parts of any job submission opportunity, many agencies have evolved with technology and may require a video submission as well. Doing so allows a potential agency to get a glimpse of your personality and allows you to highlight your experience(s) and skills in a unique way. So, if you are tech-savvy, including a video resume as well as photos relevant to the position could assist in creating a resume for success.

Need Assistance?

Need assistance constructing your resume or an additional opinion as to whether or not it will land you consistent opportunities? Send me an email at