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Resume Tips for Success

If you are new to the Experiential Marketing industry, I have created the go to guide which will assist in getting your resume in front of staffing and account coordinators. As a new EXP working to obtain consistent brand ambassador opportunities, it is important to not only incorporate a concise resume but one which highlights all of your relevant experience. In the resource section of my website and book, I have created a list of 15 tips to keep in mind when writing an experiential marketing resume. Here, I am going to touch on the first five; however it is important to incorporate these tactics along with your own job related experiences when creating your resume.

1. Keep your resume short
Often times staffing and account managers are looking for someone to fill a position with 2 weeks and in some cases within 24 hours. Because of this, they will consider resumes which are organized, detailed, easy to read, and provide the relevant qualifications without having to dig to find it. My rule of thumb is to limit your resume to no more than three pages.

2. Being new is “OK”
If you are new to experiential marketing and worry that you may not have a enough relevant experience, don’t panic. We all started somewhere.  Highlight as much customer service, management as well as any other skills (technology, automotive, sales) that you have obtained from previous positions.

3. Provide relevant contact information
If your phone number or email has changed, be sure to update your resume. Not doing so could result in an opportunity being given to another qualified candidate.

4. List your most prestigious roles and clients at the top of your resume.
This will ensure that potential recruiters do not bypass those positions.

5. Triple check your resume
Whether it is a spelling error or incorrect sentence structure, Take the time to review your resume to ensure it reads professionally. Just as job requirements will change so should your resume. It is also important to show depth and experience on your resume, so including a list of past brands as well as your role is important. Often times account managers have never worked a day in the field as a brand ambassador so their judgement of your resume is subjective. Be sure to highlight all of your experience, and always provide visuals of past events and a professional headshot. Sending a follow-up email once you have applied for a position is also essential to building relationships with coordinators and securing future opportunities.

Need assistance constructing your resume? Send me an email at and I will assist in developing, and creating a professional resume and cover letter.