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THE JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles – Everything is Bigger in Texas!

Jae Daves Experiential Marketing Tour Life Dallas

Dallas…we had an AWESOME time!! As I promised you last week this Tour Chronicles Episode is going to be less about work and more about the things we did to incorporate some FUN and SELF CARE into our travels!

Before I get into all that fun stuff though I do have to mention the amazing video that T put together on “How to Unhitch Your Trailer”! You will see most of it in this episode below, however if you want to read the full blog post and download a free “cheat sheet” to be able to refer back to when needed, you can find that HERE.

Ok. So now onto the fun part! I’ve been participating in challenge where I answer some interesting questions about myself. So this week here are a few fun facts about me. My first question was “What is your guilty pleasure”? Answer: FOOD. I love to eat! I’ll eat any type of food once. Some of my favorites are chocolate and cheese (I mean who doesn’t like those things right?) And I love Happy Hours…they make me happy! My second question was “What do I do to decompress?” Answer: I like to break away and do something FUN! As you guys know if you follow along with our Tour Chronicles videos, we try really hard to make the time to experience new things and find adventures wherever we are!

Jae Davis EXP Tour Bucket List

Our time in Dallas ended up being a great chance for us to do some serious body healing. You will even see some footage of T and I in one of our daily Thai Chi sessions. The daily breathing techniques, along with some new belly exercises, as well as staying in tune spiritually makes such a postive impact on my health. Another really amazing thing that happened this week was meeting up with T’s friend B.J. who taught me some stretching techniques. He travels and teaches these techniques to clients all over the country. And yes…thats a job! LOL. So shouts out to B.J. for taking the time to come out and work with me!

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From Dallas to H-TOWN!

Be sure and stay tuned!

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