THE JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles – From Albuquerque to Dallas, TX (Part 1) - Jae Davis Media
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THE JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles – From Albuquerque to Dallas, TX (Part 1)

 Jae Davis EXP Tour Life Event Marketing New Mexico

HEY EVERYBODY!! BUCKET LIST ITEMS, CINCO DE MAYO…The “Land of Enchantment” DID NOT disappoint!! We’ve always only seen this city very short-term as a stop-through location heading to another place. But this time we got to spend a whole week here and our perspective of this city has completely changed. Everybody is so nice, welcoming, and the food and excursions we experienced were definitely top notch.

We kicked off our week here with 3 activation days, which were close to our hotel so we got to take “Muppet” out on the road! Normally we trailer her to our events but getting to drive her is always way more fun. Like I said before, the people here were so nice and it just made for some really great activation days. Apart from that, we were here to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, AND we also got to cross a pretty cool item off of our BUCKET LIST…Jae Davis EXP Tour Life New Mexico

HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE!! This was such a cool experience and one that T and I have wanted to do for quite a while. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to experience these sort of things while touring and working on the road! Make sure you check out THIS WEEKS EPISODE and come along for the balloon ride!

Welcome to the JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles!  Don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button so you don’t miss out these weekly episodes! On Tuesday’s twice a month we release new episodes sharing the ins and outs of our life on the road as EXP tour managers! You’ll get insight into our travel experiences, what cities we visit, and of course all the things that go into successfully executing each stop of the tour. Up next week…….

Tour Stop ….Dallas, TX!

 Stay tuned for a busy week of life on the road!

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