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THE JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles – From Denver to Utah, Living Out of a Suitcase

Jae Davis EXP Tour Life

LIVING OUT OF A SUITCASE IS NO JOKE! But if you can handle those long nights, early mornings, tired bodies, bags under the eyes, and can manage to find yourself some Red Bull or coffee or caffeine to pull you through…then TOUR LIFE may just be for you!! Make sure to watch this weeks episode as we finish our journey in Denver and take you along for the ride to UTAH! And, I just have to say, doesn’t “MUPPET” look good in this photo above? YES we have a nickname for our Home Chef van. I mean why wouldn’t we, we’re spending a lot of time with her over the next 6 months, and she’s just ADORABLE!

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles!  Every Tuesday we release new episodes sharing the ins and outs of our life on the road as EXP tour managers! You’ll get insight into our travel experiences, what cities we visit, and of course all the things that go into successfully executing each stop of the tour. Up next…….

Tour Stop…Denver to Salt Lake City

Jae Davis EXP Tour UtahThis week we finished 4 activation days in Denver, celebrated St. Patty’s day, and said goodbye to our favorite chef Emma (insert sad face here). We spent two weeks here and it’s been a great city to be in. From working events, to taking a day off to go snowmobiling and skiing (T’s first time!), we have just really enjoyed being with each other and having the opportunity to work as a “tour team”. On this weeks episode you’ll see how we work together, some of the challenges we face, and how we make each of these events happen on a day to day basis.

Then we were Utah bound!! And I’m just gonna be real with you…I had to reach out to my support group for some encouragement as we began preparation here in Salt Lake City. It’s hard out here sometimes! There’s always lessons to be learned, “tough skin” to be had, but it’s so important that you have people in your corner to pull you through and give you that “morale boost” when you are feeling down and out. I can’t stress that enough! And THANK YOU to all of YOU who continue to support me on this journey! We are in this together! If you haven’t joined my EXP Elite FB Group, I’d love to have you over there to hear from you and get to know you.

Don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button so you don’t miss out these weekly episodes! How did we end our stay in Utah? Was our AirBnB is Seattle worth all the hype? Tune in next week to find out!

You Do What?

Hi I’m Jae! If you’ve been around for any length of time, you are probably familiar with my journey beginning as a brand ambassador and leading all the way to where I am now, executing a 6 month tour around the country as a tour manager. Feel free to check out “About Jae” on my website if you are interested in a bit more details about me and my journey. All of these experiences propelled me to write my first book called “You Do What?”. My vision for this book was for it to be a “GO TO” resource to provide a solid basis of information and navigation through the Experiential Marketing industry. Over the years, this vision has really evolved into so much more through my EXP Elite FB Group, and my YouTube channel. I absolutely love the community that is being built here, and please feel free to reach out to me anytime with your questions or comments. I love hearing from you guys and doing my absolute best to be a helpful resource in your world!