THE JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles- From Hollywood to "Sin City" - Jae Davis Media
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THE JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles- From Hollywood to “Sin City”

Jae Davis EXP Tour L.A. Friends

WELL, IT’S A WRAP HERE IN L.A YA’LL… AND LAS VEGAS HERE WE COME!! This stop was PACKED with things both work related and personal. Everything from getting my hair done, to doctor/health specialist appointments, to visiting Nipsey Hussle’s memorial, and even catching up with good friends.

We had a really good time here in L.A. as we wrapped up two great events. Our event in Wilshire was a great way to end! The weather was perfect, the consumers were fun and friendly, and Thomas our chef was awesome! We were able to meet up with some of T’s high school friends, as well as a friend of mine from Atlanta who now lives here in L.A. We also had the chance to do somewhat of a unique health evaluation via Eyology, which entails evaluations by getting pictures taken of our eyes. How fascinating is that? Did you know this existed? To hear more about how this works, my evaluation, etc…just CLICK HERE to watch this weeks video.

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Tour Stop…”Sin City”!

However don’t worry, there won’t be much “sinning” going on around here this trip. Although, we may gamble a time or two since we ARE in Vegas and all! BUT, we are going to keep things mostly work related. A definite highlight of this stop though, is meeting up with my good friend Shimain! She wrote the foreword in my book You Do What? and it was SO GOOD to get to spend a little bit of time with her here!

Arriving here in Vegas, we started things off by doing our usual site checks and preparations for our upcoming events. We had to take our truck “Black Hammer” in for some repairs, one being the AC. Yep, we drove through the desert with no AC, and all I can say is it’s a good thing it was a little bit overcast. I think that really saved us from what could have been a quite unpleasant situation! Activation days here in Vegas went great, the weather was nice and HOT, and overall it was a great experience and a great place to be spending the Easter holiday weekend.

Jae Davis EXP Tour Home Chef Consumer

One thing I opened up about in this weeks video that I’ve never really shared much on before is my battle with endometriosis and fertility. I wanted to give you guys a little bit of insight into this part of my journey, how life on the road affects these things, and also my desire to take more of a holistic approach to my healing. I had the chance to meet with a Fertility Acupuncture Specialist while we were here in Vegas, and both that and the Eyologist in L.A. were really life changing for me in determining future steps to begin taking towards a healthier me! Watch below for the full scoop on this part of my journey.

Comin up NEXT WEEK…our road trip to Arizona! Stay tuned for all the details!

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For those who are interested, I wanted to make sure I share about my exciting course launch that I have going on right now! And in case you don’t know much about me yet, here is just a little bit of my story. I have started from the entry level position and have worked my way up to a consistent tour manager for the past 8 years. Over the years I have written a book,  “You Do What? The Ultimate Experiential Marketing Guide” and launched the EXP Elite FB Group with my main motivation being to provide you with what you need to succeed as an EXP. Speaking with many EXPs at events and online I learned what they needed and wanted most. To my surprise, obtaining touring opportunities was the first thing almost every EXP asked me about.

SO…to answer all your questions about landing your first tour opportunity, I have created my premier online course, called EXP Level-Up: Tour Manager Fast-Track. I put a lot of time, hard work, and dedication into developing this course and I know those who decide to dive in are going to learn so much!

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