THE JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles - From "Sin City" to The Grand Canyon state! - Jae Davis Media
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THE JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles – From “Sin City” to The Grand Canyon state!

Jae Davis EXP Tour Valley of Fire

I’D SAY OUR TIME IN “VIVA LAS VEGAS” WAS A SUCCESS!! And no that doesn’t mean we won the big bucks in the casino. We did spend a couple of hours there and $15…but no winning for us this time. However, as you can see from our picture above….there were other experiences that really made this stop on tour a great one! Visiting the “Valley of Fire” was such a great way to spend our Easter Sunday, enjoying nature and the beauty that surrounded us! Make sure you check out this weeks video to see more of the footage and gorgeous scenery from our visit! It really was a sight to behold.

Another thing both T and I had the chance to do was go to our first Tia Chi class. It was recommended to us by multiple people, and I am really excited to be trying these new things to improve my health. Starting my journey to healing my body from a holistic standpoint is a huge priority. Health is your wealth…always take care of your body and do your best to incorporate good eating habits! Up next….

Tour Stop…the Grand Canyon state!

Jae Davis Home Chef Tour Life

We have 4 days of activation here in Arizona, everywhere from Tempe, to Phoenix, to Gilbert. On our drive here we encountered some pretty high winds, and once we arrived we discovered it blew off the fan dome cover on top of Muppet, our Home Chef van! As you know, there are all sorts of things that can happen or go wrong on the road during tour life, so being prepared is the name of the game. If you are a bit of a “handyman”, and can find a way to fix things yourself, it will benefit you GREATLY while on the road. T fixed the dome, we got the generator for Muppet serviced, and after we put both vehicles through the car wash they were ready to roll!

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STAY TUNED next week for a peek into our 100 degree activation days…and our drive to New Mexico!

EXP Level-Up: Tour Manager Fast Track Course

For those who are interested, I wanted to make sure I share about my exciting course launch that I have going on right now! And in case you don’t know much about me yet, here is just a little bit of my story. I have started from the entry level position and have worked my way up to a consistent tour manager for the past 8 years. Over the years I have written a book,  “You Do What? The Ultimate Experiential Marketing Guide” and launched the EXP Elite FB Group with my main motivation being to provide you with what you need to succeed as an EXP. Speaking with many EXPs at events and online I learned what they needed and wanted most. To my surprise, obtaining touring opportunities was the first thing almost every EXP asked me about.

SO…to answer all your questions about landing your first tour opportunity, I have created my premier online course, called EXP Level-Up: Tour Manager Fast-Track. I put a lot of time, hard work, and dedication into developing this course and I know those who decide to dive in are going to learn so much!

Here’s the thing. I have decided to only open the course to a select few so that I can provide coaching throughout a six week period. But the good news is…course enrollment for EXP Level-Up: Tour Manager Fast-Track is OPEN NOW! This course is only available for a LIMITED TIME, and will close on 5/2/19. If you are reading this blog post in time, and if you’re serious about upping your EXP game and your income, it’s time to take the next step and go on tour!


If you are reading this blog and missed the deadline, DON’T FRET! I will be re-opening the course in 5 months. Feel free to join my EXP Elite FB Group and you can be sure to not miss out on the next enrollment period.