THE JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles - Preparing for Tour in "The Windy City"! - Jae Davis Media
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THE JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles – Preparing for Tour in “The Windy City”!


Jae Davis EXP Tour Chicago

IT’S A WRAP YA’LL! The first stop of our tour with Home Chef in Chicago was a success! But let me tell you something…IT WAS COLD!!!! Check out this weeks episode for all the juicy details! What did we do to make some adjustments due to the weather? And what are my top 3 takeaway tips from this tour stop?

Welcome to the JAE DAVIS EXPERIENCE: Tour Life Chronicles!  Every Tuesday we release new episodes sharing the ins and outs of our life on the road as EXP tour managers! You’ll get insight into our travel experiences, what cities we visit, and of course all the things that go into successfully executing each stop of the tour. Up next…….

Tour Stop…”The Windy City”

Welcome to Chicago, the kickoff to our 6 month tour with Home Chef! Home Chef is based here in Chicago, so we had a lot of client interaction, 4 events to activate here, as well as a big media event. As an EXP who is executing tours, this week I share 3 tips to make sure you are always prepared and on top of your game.

Tip 1: Stay Two Steps Ahead of Your Current Situation. Situations change, no day is ever the same, and you have to be able to adjust on the fly. As the week went on here in Chicago, weather definitely played a factor in our initial plans.

Watch this weeks episode below to find out what adjustments were made, and to hear my final tips 2 & 3!

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