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Tips for Advancing as an EXP

Working as brand ambassador is a great starting point to understanding the Experiential Marketing industry. Here is where one sharpens their skills, and learns various avenues to advance into a management or product specialist role. However, what are the steps to take when you want to advance to other positions such as an in-market or tour manager? The management side of Experiential Marketing provides field staff with the opportunity to earn a higher income, and in many cases the ability to travel executing various events. You Do What? Breaks down management as well as touring opportunities in greater detail, however, it is important to consider these factors prior to applying for any management and tour programs full-time.

Factors to consider:

  • Must be willing to travel for extended periods of time (minimum 4-8 months)
  • Must not have any prior commitments (family, events, etc.) which will affect your availability for the duration of a program
  • Must be trustworthy, responsible, and able to adapt to daily changes
  • Must not possess any medical conditions which would impair your ability to perform physical labor or any work-related tasks
  • Must be a team player, and have the ability to separate personal issues from event challenges

As an EXP, serving as an in-market or tour manager, you are obligated to perform to your highest ability daily. One must remember, before an Experiential Marketing or staffing agency allows one person to terminate their contract with their client, they will get rid of the problem first. In a sense, the Experiential Marketing agency is a contracted employee just like you, fighting to win over the business of a potential long-term client. Remember, professionalism and keeping a positive attitude are the two most important traits to exude when managing any program.

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