Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians - Jae Davis Media
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Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians

Jae Davis EXP 101 Too Many Chiefs

Have you ever executed an event where you had EXPs who appointed themselves team leads or managers? Or maybe it was someone who desired to move from a brand ambassador to a team lead, and ultimately to a manager? How do you effectively lead and manage a team? What is essential is an understanding of how to step in.

As a lead, it doesn’t mean that you don’t work. You still have roles and responsibilities you have to perform. Don’t just stand around and not work. Leave the entitlement mentality at home. There are a lot of moving parts that go into an activation that an onsite manager has to handle, therefore it is important to do your job. It takes a team effort, and as a team lead, you have to be willing to place EXPs into positions where they will excel.

Understand your role as a team lead. Yes, you may want to come onsite and work in a chief role and not have any responsibilities, but working in any lead or management position means being willing and able to put the work in and assist where needed. 

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