The Importance of T.R.U.S.T. When Touring as a Couple - Jae Davis Media
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The Importance of T.R.U.S.T. When Touring as a Couple

Five Year Experiential Marketing Couple Jae Davis

Jae and T’s Wedding: Happy 5th Anniversary!

I can hardly believe that this week, five years ago, T and I were getting married on a cruise ship in my hometown of Miami in front of 40 friends and family. At the time of our wedding, we had already been executing events together for three years. While we were still deciding our fate in Experiential Marketing, we knew one thing: if we were going to pursue anything, we would have to be in agreement and on the same page.

Fast forward to 2018. We have been able to accomplish many of our goals all while establishing ourselves as a reputable CDL-A tour team. While it may seem like a marriage made in heaven, there have been times when we have questioned whether or not marriage was the right decision.

Yes, marriage is hard work, period. It is even more challenging when you work with your mate. Being around your significant other 24/7 can be daunting and a shock.

On tour, many people ask:

  • How can you stand to be around your mate all day?
  • Do you get tired of each other?
  • I don’t see how you do it. I would need a break from my mate.

For EXPs who work as a tour team, romantic couple or not, finding a rhythm and understanding each other’s personalities is key.

This week T and I have been celebrating our 5 year anniversary by using the acronym T.R.U.S.T. to describe tips to keep in mind if you are dating or are married to someone in the Experiential Marketing industry.


Over the past years, T and I have learned the importance of the word, time. Whether it means giving each other personal time to engage in activities we enjoy individually or just making time for each other. Time management is something we still struggle with while balancing marriage and work. Once kids are added to the picture, things are going to change.


Giving each other the opportunity to be heard and respected is important. Over the past five years, we have learned the importance of boundaries and respecting our opinions and differences. This has been extremely helpful during arguments.


Let’s face it, we are two different people from two different upbringings. The way in which we were raised, our genetic make-up, and how we think as a male and female are going to be different. Marriage counseling has been instrumental in our journey by assisting us to not only identify these differences but work to become better individuals so that we can be better as one.


Whether it is time, a want, a potential opportunity, or a trip, it is important to remember the importance of sacrifice. There have been times when I didn’t want to do something or I didn’t want to acknowledge a mistake or issue, but I have learned that compromise is important.


Not only is it the last word in the acronym, but the word trust itself is also one of the most important elements in any relationship. If you are unable to trust someone, then developing a deep and loving relationship will be a big challenge especially if you plan to execute events together. Trust begins with honesty and transparency.

Trust in Experiential Marketing Jae DavisFive years have presented us with life lessons, travel adventures, and the opportunity to execute some of the most exciting Experiential Marketing campaigns. While we continue to evolve and learn as individuals, our journey as a married couple continues to be one full of memorable experiences that we will be able to build upon for years to come.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey and we look forward to sharing more of our experiences with you!

“A strong marriage requires two people who choose to love each other even on days when they don’t like each other.”