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Thank You for subscribing to our newsletter. My goal is to provide readers with informative information, tips, and tricks to excel and maintain a career at any capacity in Experiential Marketing.

What is Experiential Marketing?
To begin, I feel it’s only fitting to introduce you to Experiential Marketing. Experiential Marketing is a growing and innovative division of marketing into which more companies and small businesses are starting to invest. Referred to as “engagement” or “event marketing,” Experiential Marketing gives brands and clients the ability to create memorable experiences, which builds brand loyalty and recognition among st consumers. These events are executed by “field staff,” or a term I coined, “EXP” (Experiential Marketing professional), in a nontraditional and innovative way, allowing consumers to touch, feel, use, and taste a product or service. This entity of marketing allows one to become an ambassador of a particular brand as selected by an Experiential Marketing or staffing agency.

A few forms of Experiential Marketing include:

  • Test drive events
  • Live demo events of a product or service
  • An event advocating for a particular cause (health and wellness, beauty)
  • Free samples of a food or beverage
  • Beta testing of a technology device or program

I have executed in every capacity as a brand ambassador and managed on a tour level requiring me to travel nationwide. The possibilities to advance and earn a consistent income are dependent on the individual. In my book You Do What?, I have included a guide to teach one about the industry and provided tips and tools to assist in building a career whether it be part-time or as a career.